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House Bolting and Foundation Repair Westminster

Foundation bolting usually implies that bolts are needed to enhance the connections between the picket framing of a building and its concrete foundation. Contractors Westminster has the experience and engineering services at a reasonable cost. Our experienced and professionally trained crews are earthquake retrofit experts that have served thousands of houses and made them safer. We pay close attention to project details and we are very attentive for any potential issues that may arise.

Cracks in the Foundation
Cracks in the foundation are very common. Largely they're nonfunctional and cosmetic in nature. However, foundation cracks that is larger than half of an inch wide are thought to be structural cracks. These cracks could also be vital foundation settlements or the presence of expansive soils. Foundation cracks may also cause wet crawl areas or water intrusion into basements and tormentor infestations. There are numerous solutions for the various sorts of foundation cracks and issues.

Our authorized House Bolting team in Westminster offers:
- House Bolting
- Foundation Repair
- Foundation Replacement
- Cracked Walls Repair
- Cracked Foundations Repair
- House Leveling

Foundation Leveling
Floor leveling is a method that restores your home close to its original position. Leveling is needed when the muse has shifted. So, to elevate your foundation you need to undergo a series of steps to lift it. First, you need to add support through a method called shoring. Throughout this step, beams and jacks are inserted below your house foundation to strengthen its concrete foundation. Slowly, these jacks are raised equally that prevents harm to your home. Once the jacks are raised to the proper height, new piers are added; these new piers hold the adjustment in place.

Contractors Westminster has been the house bolting professionals and the primary choice for homeowners for several years. Call us today if you are thinking of repairing your foundation or if you require house bolting.

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